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The Magic of Elisahd

Sources of Magical Energy

Different cultures within Elisahd hold varying traditions on the origins of magic.  What is clear to Shapers is that the natural world maintains a level of energy that they can use to create spells.  The more rugged an untainted by civilization an area is, the more raw power it provides for those proficient in the art.  There are combating theories of the source of such power, however.

Some maintain it was the Avatars of the Old Gods, otherwise known as the Juda-cai, who radiated divine energy back when they roamed Elisahd.  This theory accounts for the existence of the Living Fire, rubies that formed during this period and trapped pockets of this divine essence within.

Others claim it is life itself, or some other innate aspect of the world that generates the sahd, as it is referred to by the Begnari.  This explanation focuses on the connection between natural features such as mountains, waterfalls, and primordial forests with the greater amounts of magical energy present around them.

Advanced Shapers are able to tap into these sources to produce greater, more far-reaching and longer-lived effects.

Types of Magic

A major distinction exists between the two most prevalent types of magic: Shaping and Channeling.  Shaping is the manipulation of ambient magical energy from its raw state into desired, intentional effects.  Channeling is serving as a conduit for the redistribution of another entity’s magical ability.  Ordained servants of the Juda-cai (like their Champions and priests) for instance, do not hold innate magical ability but can produce magical effects by way of syphoning a portion of their patron’s power.


Trigilas Evermoon, the Father of Spells, was the first mortal Shaper on Elisahd.  A clever Eladrin of pronounced intellect, he deciphered a method to gather and manipulate the magical energy prevalent after the arrival of the Avatars.  Because of his natural long life (Eladrin can live for upwards of six hundred years), he had plenty of time to experiment and teach others his secrets.  He tutored dozens of apprentices over his career, and is best remembered for his potent spell “The Veil of Trigilas,” which served to protect the new realms of the Eladrin after they fled the civilizations shared with humankind before the Revenge of Arkmus.

Trigilas used a combination of speech, gesticulations, and physical conductors to manifest his magical power, in what is now referred to as the “Sorcerer’s Tradition” of Shaping. Other traditions exist, however, including the “Bardic” (which involves harmonic intonations) and “Artistic” (involving the drawing of sigils in particular orders).

Though not overtly harmful to the caster, manipulating magical energies (especially the Sorcerer’s Tradition) temporarily saps the vigor of the Shaper, and repeated or sustained spells can quickly fatigue to the point of exhaustion.


Some of the most powerful entities that reside in the Outer Realms not only possess innate magical talents, but the ability to share their magic with sapient creatures in realms lower on the cosmic hierarchy.  The Juda Cai, worshipped as gods on Elisahd, are an example of such entities.

Only a limited portion of their power can be transferred to any other world over a given time frame, and any individual receiving this gift is further limited in the amount they can receive.  The more influence (i.e. worship/fear/gratitude) the originator of power has, the more efficiently their magic can be dispersed.

Channeling magic has the advantage of requiring little skill on the part of the vessel, but is limited in scope by the influence of the source, and in range of effects by the source’s Aspects (thematic portfolio) on that world.

Sources can make a special connection with a singular subject on a given world, often referred to as a “Champion,” to whom they are able to channel a greater portion of power.  This output grows over the course of a connection, so it is to their mutual benefit to maintain this connection with the same individual, provided that vessel continues to spread their influence.

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