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Characters from the Books of Elisahd

Chain of Living Fire Character Art

Each book in the Chain of Living Fire contains three point-of-view characters.  This first gallery shows depictions of them in scenes from one of the books (given a little room for artistic license).

Be’naj at the (corrupted) Touchstone of Air: “Embedded into the landing was the source of the light and noise – a wide disk of something akin to metal or stone, though not clearly either. ” – A World in Shadow.

Jaiden Luminere faces the Hydra (a second time): “Nearly to the edge of the enemy lines, Jaiden saw Orestes bring his men to a halt. Rising above them, the many monstrous heads of the hydra reared back and snarled threats.” – Shiver the Moon


Saffron min Furasi Challenges Taurn of the Black Hills: Undaunted, Saffron continued, “We have been told your chieftain holds my sister hostage. He must release her to me immediately, or your entire tribe will burn.” – Shiver the Moon


Amurel's Midnight Ride

Sir Amurel Golddrake leads a Midnight Ride to Save Synirpa: “They rode hard to start, surging down the Tor March north of the embattled castle. Thundering hooves bore nearly three hundred warriors of the finest mounted force in the Cradle.” – Shiver the Moon


Baron Emmert Rogan Attempts an Assassination of the King-priest: “Three blade-like shards of crackling blue energy, the same color as the distorted candlelight, shot forth, but again swerved to strike the Damper.” – Shiver the Moon


Be’naj welcomes Saffron to her home: Holding her arms outstretched to either side, she declared in a musical tone, “Neldoren Erelonde.” Seeing the lack of comprehension on Saffron’s face, she amended, “Skywatch Haven.” – The Name of the Beast


Annoxoria Nefzen dresses the part: “After fitting them on her hands, she sat back down on the bed across from the mirror and admired her transformation. She turned her head back and forth, taking in the various angles as she put on the fiercest expression she could muster. Far from perfection, she admitted, but certainly an improvement.” – The Name of the Beast


Thuvian Skullreaver and Annoxoria Nefzen emerge from the Ruins of Rinn-Rhulian: “Annoxoria took short steps over to the stairs and used her hands to feel their edges before working around to ascend. She paused at the top, took a deep breath, and was about to surge into the open until she heard Thuvian’s voice.” – The Hall of Doors


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