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Explore the World of Elisahd!


Elisahd serves as the home location for the stories in Phillip M. Locey’s fantasy universe.  The map below provides a context to follow the events from one region to another.  Even though each book series will focus on different areas of the continent, the outcomes of all help shape the environment and lore of successive stories.

Though the Illanese migrated over the land bridge that is now the Great Glacier, the Begnari, Sesheem, and Farut have populated the continent of Elisahd from a time before recorded history. (Map produced by Cornelia Yoder)


Before I ever started writing the novels, I spent over a decade designing the world where they would be taking place.  Each novel serves as an introduction to a different region of the continent of Elisahd.  “Shiver the Moon” centers on The Empire of Chelpa and the Cradle of the World, resting between two formidable mountain ranges.

The Cradle of the World is made up of seven provinces, once part of the same kingdom, now independently ruled by loosely allied Dukes. They will have to band together, however, if they are to resist the imperial expansion of Chelpa to the south. (Map produced by Cornelia Yoder)



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